Image production, simplified.

The Live Furnish tool brings you the power of 3D rendering
without expensive hardware or intensive training.

Choose from thousands of 3D interiors in the Live Furnish library.

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How it all works

  • 3d rooms

    3D Rooms

    Interactive, configurable rooms in real-time.

  • What You See is What You Get

    No Rendering times, no technical inputs.

  • High Resolution

    Save up to 8K with images in seconds.

  • Add your textures and Click

    Textures easily auto apply on complex surfaces.

  • Monthly Additions

    New rooms and features added monthly.

  • Pay per Use

    We only charge you for the images you save.

One Price, No Surprises.
Lots of Benefits.


per image
  • Up to 95% cheaper than photo studios, photographers, rendering jobs

  • Faster - Get your images in 20 Seconds!

  • Beautifully curated rooms

  • No special hardware or equipment needed, just your laptop


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