Introduction & Setting Up

An Introduction to Live Furnish where we take you through Downloading, Setting up your account, logging in, getting started, Checking for Updates and new rooms etc..

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User Interface & Navigation

An Introduction to the Interface - Room selection, selecting textures, adding texture from your local folder, checking credits left, saving preferences, adding camera angles and much more.
Navigation in 3D - rotate, pan , zoom. Set complex camera angles, control FOV(field of View) and many such samples.

Texture Adjustment & Saving our first Image

Apply a texture from your local drive, adjust it with the following features: Repeat Size, Fit, Rotate 90 degrees, Manage offset and scaling, managing ratios etc..
Camera Functions: Add and remove camera angles, set up camera angles for new scenes.

Saving an Image

Save an image, choose resolution, crop tool, Hardware/GPU requirement for high resolution images, Image Credits - check and add more from your account.
Settings(post-processing): Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your scene. Manage FOV(field of view) of your view.

Settings, Admin Panel & Support

Admin Panel - adding credits, credit cards, checking image log. Getting in touch with us, support request, chat/email details!